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How do i get main product image to show up in lightbox? 
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Joined:  2009-04-12

I got rid of the default magento “zoom” feature on main product image, i would like for it to open up in lightbox. 

i already have lightbox installed i just need the code that will go in media.phtml that will open up the main image in lightbox when you click on it. 

i know basic programming but it seems to me it is a function that calls on the main image to be displayed and you cant simply wrap the <ahref> tags around it. 

i tried looking at the wiki articles or other forums but the code in those places does not match magento’s 1.3 media.phtml code.  the old code was a simple logic case but this new one is a function and i dont want to have a headache of tracing it.

if someone can help me out by sharing their code i would appreciate it.  thank you.

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