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Small number of products not showing in all categories they belong to on the front end - back end appears fine
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Joined:  2008-12-19

Back end is fine. Products are enabled, inventory set, etc. 

About 46 of my products belong to a category that will not show up in the main category, but still show up in the sub categories (weirdism).  I checked to make sure they are all enabled, etc.  The are 4 items that do show up in the main category though, so I don’t know why the other 46 wont.

To explain, go to (it is an adult toy store - no bad viruses or anything there).  The main category links include all the products in their sub-categories.  But the second category listing called “Fetish Toys” is not showing all 50 items that are there...just 4.  I can’t explain why…

Things I have tried so far:
- refreshing cache
- clearing temp folders
- creating a new category

I cannot for the life of me figure it out.  Any assistance or direction would be great.  I haven’t changed any xml files and the only php file I changed was right_col.phtml.

The products that should appear in the main category of “fetish toys” are also listed in “body jewelry” and “anal toys”, so I can at least see the products that SHOULD be showing up in the “fetish toys” category.

As a side note, I did upload the products, but I don’t know that this will help the solution.

Thank you in advance.


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Oo la la!

Your categories sound much more exciting than the ones I’m working on. Regardless, I’m having similar issues with my boring categories. 

Have you come up with anything?  I have other questions too but I’m restraining myself from further comment.  zipper


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