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Login Customization
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I have added a new field to the customer account using this article.

My new value, custac is added to the database table customer_entity_varchar.
What I need to do now is modify the login to use this value. So i have added the custac field to the login. So I now have custac, username and password.

I have create an a user and the custac details are stored in the database.

I not sure of what to do next as I need to authtenticate a user using the 3 values. I have looked at the AccountController.php and there is a function called loginPostAction.

I made the following modfication
$session->login($login[’username’], $login[’password’], $login[’custac’]); but it ignores the custac value and authenticarte the users usinG the username and password.

Can anybody help me to implement the authentication using the 3 field values, custac,username and password?


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