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Store Based Search
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Hi guys,

Managing multi stores don’t have to be very “ painfully “.

A new great feature to implement is the store based search.

The only new thing we must define when adding a new store is a base query.

Let me explain by giving an example.

My store has over 10.000 products, don’t need to be that much. But lets say at least 1000. I’m selling sports related stuff (clothes, shoes, soccer equipment, etc.).

I wanna be able to add a new store with only male shoes, or female, a store for soccer related stuff. I want to be able to create a store that contains all products for a giving manufacturer, all products submitted by a specific administrator. All products priced up to €100, etc…

Implement the wizard that already exists at the promotions section.

This feature will allow us skip the step of choosing the product store, and give us a much flexible store view. This will also be good for marketing. If we have a store with female products, we can make a special design.

Can this be made as a new model?

I could give a try and go forward with this, but if you think this will be very hard to implement and that can’t be done without changing the core code, things may get a little complicated…

If this can’t be done, can we apply the same principle to a new page?


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