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New store advice (non-technical advice)
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Hi all,

I plan on opening shop with a jewelery ecommerce store once Magento is in production. In the meantime, we’re organizing our inventory and getting ready to join the emerging ecommerce scene.

My question isn’t technical as I’ll deal with technicalities later. I’m a developer/systems admin by trade. My difficulty currently is figuring out how to setup an efficient work flow with my partner, who is my father. He’s the owner of the store and all of the inventory is his. I’ll be handling all technical and customer service related issues. His job is to photograph the jewelry and I might do some Photoshop touchups here and there, although I’m by no means a Photoshop expert.

I’m open to advice on anyone who has a similar setup, regardless of what items you’re selling on your store. What’re some strategies for us to collaborate together and get an efficient workflow going? Should he be preparing photos in batch and giving me a template of descriptions which I import? Do you normally keep your inventory on a spreadsheet or do you just allow the database to take care of all that for you?

I’m kind of even at a loss of what to ask. I just want to figure out a steady flow of events with what to do when preparing to import such massive amounts of inventory into the application. I want to be prepared for when magento pushes their production tagged release to the masses so I can hire a designer and begin deployment and any advertising campaigns we decide to do.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to reply—it’s appreciated!

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