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How do I can get some more information about multiple websites, stores etc? 
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Kiev, Ukraine

How to correctly set up and check multipe websites or store. Yes I read howto in wiki but didn’t find answers of some question.

I set up two websites with store in the admin panel, when I create new product and I want this product shows in the first of the store and don’t shows in the second. How can I check what it’s work? Where can I change something to say - this is another store (I’ve set second website name and put in the index php $_SERVER[’SERVER_NAME’] = ‘’). May be I did something wrong?
Or may be I must put another website to other folder… don’t know

Please give me more information cause I become confused

By the way I find little bug in the site: when I try to activate my account second time I’t show me error and don’t parse 0 - variable

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