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Accessing Product Data In Specific Views
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Hi All,

We’re just getting ready to implement a feature with Magento that helps with integration of 3rd party tools. A bit more specifically though, and on a technical note, we’re wanting to override the core Magento functionality to access this class via multiple views like the following:

+ Category View
+ Product Detail View
+ Wishlist View
+ My Cart view
+ Checkout View
+ Search Results View
+ Sidebar View
+ ...
(basically anytime images get generated)

I was thinking of writing a class, and adding a block to access that class inside the different XML files within the theme to access the Product object and productCollection data (such as attributes, etc.), though I wanted to mention this and then open up the dialogue for a “best approach” from the community.

If you think you’ve got a better solution or an idea in mind, feel free to mention it towards the benefit of the Magento community.

Towards the end, we’ll offer the solution that we’ve implemented.


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