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Need a bit of help --- ;)
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Ashburn, VA

Hello Magento Team,

Two stupid questions that bug the heck out of me - I hope you guys please, can give me the answers I need - I know you will -;)

Here is #1: in my romanian translation of my ecommerce store there are only two places I am trying to translate but I cannot find the location: If you look at the main page in you will see under the location of NEWSLETTER the Sign up for our newsletter: and the Subscribe button
- Where the heck is the location of these two in the locales?

and # 2: in relation to currency - again in my romanian version - any product listed under currency LEI also shows ≤lei|1≤leu|1 - as example: 1.530,35 0≤lei|1≤leu|1
- How can I only leave the first number and lei - i.e 1.530,35lei ?

Thank you kindly,

Peter Tufan

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