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PEOPLE SuperAttribute
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BEFORE Magento gets finalized
I would like to resurrect an ‘old’ thread
concerned with something then called Super-Attribute
(of course there is already a SuperAttribute in the Configurable Products
thus I guess we will have to call it differently).

Please refer to these previous forum threads:

Perhaps, it is now required, before it becomes too late shock  ,
to re-focus our attention
on this important and basic structure of Magento:

It could be convenient to have two type of ENTITIEs / OBJECTs:
each of them with its own specific (configurable) attributes.

PRODUCTs, of course, are already there and
it is clear to all what a product is
and what attributes may be… attributed to it.

PEOPLE, however, are a different kind of entity than products:
all merchants have to deal with various people
while carrying on their eCommerce activity.

These are, in general,
manufacturers / producers,
suppliers / dealers / distributors,
associates / franchises
(in my own field, books: publishers, authors / editors, etc.)
and, of course, the most important: the CUSTOMERs. 

CUSTOMERs are dealt already very well by Magento
but they are only the last ring of the chain!
How to deal, WITHIN Magento, with all these other people question 

All the PEOPLE have their own particular attributes, like:
- name,
- role (as listed above)
- contact (address, ph., fax., etc.),
- details (URL, logo image, etc.),
- notes, etc.

Naturally, we should be able to store and retrieve all this info
from within the back-end itself.

This will be another of the many special features of Magento,
distinguishing Magento more and more
from all others eCommerce programs.

I remain of the opinion, as I said previously, that, if they want,
the Magento GENIUSES will be able
to create something really astonishing ohh with this !

Since, at that time, Yoav said:
Very interesting !!! we will keep this in mind
let’s hope now, after such a long time, that
they will consider this ‘out of the mind’
and put it soon in the making in the Magento’s secret labs… rolleyes 

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I agree with this

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i also agree

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