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google, (msn and yahoo dir) probs with cms ? 
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2009-04-22

i request help on this topic: MSN, Google and Yahoo Directory currently ignore on of my clients website. None of the other search engines seems to have trouble.

The index.html is already in the three above. From there on, a cms is called through a frameset looking like this:

frame top= /cgi-bin/
frame bottom= /cgi-bin/

These two pages are searchable as well (along with index.html) in Google, MSN and Yahoo, but none of the following pages.

So, i have a total of three pages , while some hundred are waiting since november 2002. The sites deeplinks look like this:

<a href = /cgi-bin/ //for categories
<a href = /cgi-bin/;=1234 //for articles

I used with their “this is how your site looks to engines” tool and found out that this tool requires “=” to be replaced by “&#x3d;” (ascii opcode for equal signs). is this the same for google and company ?

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