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Promo banners extension by Amasty - great addition to your promotion kit! 
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Joined:  2009-11-10

Why are my promotion campaigns not effective enough?’ - unfortunately, this is still a very popular question among e-store owners, marketers, advertisers, etc. The reasons for that, of course, can be very different, however in many cases, the lack of integrated approach is the major one, which leads to undesirable marketing results.

We want to offer you a great kit of tools for setting up successful promotions.

Well, let’s begin. Every promotion has 2 parts - like core and shell in nut, like backend and frontend in Magento store. The first part - let it be the core - is the most important. It is about the promotions you offer to your customers. You find out what they can be interested most in and create specials according to customers’ behavior. Or just follow your sales goals, e.g. put on sale the items which are expiring soon.

For this part you can use Special Promotions or Auto Add Promo Items module. ‘Get 10% off if placed more than 3 orders before’, ‘Buy 3 products and get 50% off for the cheapest’ - no matter how sophisticated your conditions are, Special Promotion extension will help to create the rules.

Auto Add Promo Items module will convince you the magic of ‘FREE’ is powerful. It automatically adds free promo products to the cart, so you can create deals of the kind: ‘A free brush for each pair of shoes’.

Although the core of a promotion is valuable, it is not enough. You need a great shell for your promotion-nut to attract customers!

This is where Promo Banners extension comes to the rescue. It provides you with opportunities to inform your customers about deals: in the right way (beautiful banners), in the right place (flexible conditions for banner placement) and at the right time, of course.

Enjoy the following new features with Promo Banners 1.0.3:
-Ability to specify multiple product categories for banner display. This means you can show banners at pages of all products from certain categories.
-Ability to display banners for products based on the product attributes. E.g. show banners only on pages of HTC phones.

Follow the links to find more information about the extensions, detailed user guides and live demos:
Promo Banners
Special Promotions
Auto Add Promo Items
The combination of our solutions will boost the effectiveness of your promotion campaigns!

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