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My Happy but Sadistic relationship with Magento
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Joined:  2008-04-21

I am posting just because . . . today marks my 1-year anniversary with Magento. It has been a roller coaster of a relationship. And I am posting this due to a recent spat we had regarding . . . well its hard to share this . . . it was about a site migration this time and a little hidden secret that hit me deep, real deep. It was that darn pear.ini file. Maybe it was me, maybe I didn’t spend enough time with Magento. Whose ever fault it was it is in the past and we are now riding the coaster up up up to the next apex.

Anyone else experiencing a 1-year with Magento or . . . more?

C’mon I know I am not the only one who gets into these quarrels. Sharing will make you feel better!

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