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I need to set up several versions of a catalog for a manufacturer.  One version is for the general public.  It is a view of the product line with no pricing. Is it possible to set a store up like this? Another version is for the customers. They would like this available only to logged in customers.  It is the main catalog with all product details and wholesale pricing. The manufacturer would like to also have regional versions of the main catalog. Another wish list item is to allow customers (re-sellers) to set up their own catalogs with a sub set of the manufacturer’s product line.  This request looks like it will take the most customization. What would be the best structure for these variations?  If views are primarily used for languages, would the best approach be to set up multiple stores? Is it possible to disable the user from selecting the store they want to see?

i would appreciate any help in how to get this structured.  Thank you.

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