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Using Subversion for Blank theme Development
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I am doing my first Magento development. During development there have been a few updates to Magento and I’ve done it through Magento connect. Then I have been using a Mac program to get the changes between files in the “Blank” them and my duplicate of that theme I use that I’ve called “Crown”. But I can see especially with the 1.3 update that there are a ton of changes to have to sort through to fully apply the update.

I’m sure Subversion is probably the answer but I have a question regarding that.

Since I’m only editing my “crown” theme in the skin and app folders, do I still have to do my updates through SVN for the entire site? Wouldn’t it just be easier to only checkout my theme’s folders? I’m just trying to wrap my head around the best way to do this as I’m new to SVN.

Also if anyone has any tips for working like this let me know.


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