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category names dont update in admin navigation
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-10-09

I want to update category names that I have imported via a script.  I update the category name, and that works fine when you click on the category in the admin side.  However, the navigation tree still shows the old name.  I have refreshed the magento cache several times, cleared the browser cache, and tried to specify the store name for the category (default, admin, and blank).  None of that works.  Quite frustrated.  Here’s the code for updating:


As I said, it does update the category name...but not in the navigation.  How do I get the navigation to update?  Do I have to manually enter data into some other tables?  (I had to do something like that to add products to a category...really sucked.) Using Magento 1.3.0.  Not eager to update either, as that seems to tend to break stuff.

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