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Going Beyond Simple Magento eBay Extensions with Magento Multi-Channel Management
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With the rapid adoption of both Magento and eBay, Magento eBay extensions are one of the most sought after plug-ins on Magento Connect.  Dozens of companies have developed various levels of Magento eBay integrations to meet the needs of online retailers. Although this type of extension is a great start, in most cases, Magento eBay extensions simply connect point A to B. Moving data might eliminate some manual tasks, but how much value does that add to your sales operations?  Instead, keep your eye on the bigger picture – particularly if you are using an eCommerce system like Magento, but maintaining your master item information in another system. Consider how to manage your multi-channel environment so that you are improving the overall sales experience for your customers and providing your organization with greater visibility to your sales data (item, inventory, order, customer, supply, etc.).

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