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Google Checkout and VAT on Shipping
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We are trying to integrate Google Checkout with Magento 1.3.

However, the problem we are having is that Google Checkout is not adding VAT to the delivery charges.

I have VAT set at 15%, if i order via saved CC or any other method it shows the following :

Item 1 £100.53
Delivery £6.08
Shows £15.99 VAT
Giving total of £122.60 Inclusive

However, with Google Checkout I cannot seem to get it to work it out correctly.

Item 1 £100.53
Delivery £6.08 (Used flat rate option set to £6.08
Should be £15.99 VAT but it shows £15.08
Giving total of £121.69 Inclusive

In the settings (on Google Account, not Magento) I have Tax Rules set up as

United Kingdom 15.0000% Items and Shipping

If I set the Flat rate in the Google API to be inc vat it shows the correct calculation but states delivery as £8.04 in the confirmation order.

What am I missing or doing wrong?

(Note all this is done in the Sandbox mode.)

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