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Jr. Member
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Joined:  2007-09-08

I am looking for a shopscript which provides multiple store feature.
My need to have a site where non profits can put their own store and manage by themselves..
Some times it can be just donations not a typical store.

Looks like this tool provides multi store feature, but want to clarify.

Please let me know if this tool will be helpful to me.

Thank you very much


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Magnus Wester
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Joined:  2007-09-02
Stockholm, Sweden

Magento supports running multiple sites with multiple stores off the same Magento installation.

However, the complexity of setting up such an environment requires a lot of skills. I don’t think it’s something you can leave to end users, not with Magento, not with Zen Cart and not with any other shopping cart I’ve seen. Even with a single-site, single-store shopping cart, you need web design and web developer skills to ensure quality.

Will the people that create the non-profit sites you’re talking about have the required skills? Otherwise I think you need to develop a tightly controlled and specialized “fill-in-the-blanks” environment, where people can
- buy domain names and point them correctly
- define the various parts of their own web shop without having to deal with the enormous flexibility and complexity of Magento or its alternatives
- select how to handle payment processing without dealing with the actual integration issues

When you get this thing off the ground you will probably have to monitor it closely, to ensure that everything works as it should. It will never be something you can just leave on its own and expect to run without problems.

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