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URL Rewrite problems and Category
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2009-04-16

Am new to Magento. Awesome product!  One exception… or perhaps I am missing something smile

I had selected the Configuration/Catalog/SEO/ “Use Category Paths for Product URL” to “No” and that allowed me to shorten my URLs
from, for example, /travel-security/tsa-locks.html to tsa-locks.html.  HOWEVER, the long URLs are still showing up in the URL rewrite menu along with the same shorter version.  In the Navigation though it does go to the correct, shorter URL.  This is inconvenient as it puts all that extra content in the URL rewrite list.

The REAL problem I have not overcome is when modifying the category.  For example, when changing the position of a product in a category and the saving, that simple action throws my category from /tsa-locks.html to /security/tsa-locks.html
I have my URL Key for the category at “tsa-locks” Should I have something else listed there to make it stay at tsa-locks.html every time I edit

Also it seems like one should be able to select a product and edit it within the “Category Products” Tab of Manage Categories.  I have not been able to narrow the view in the “Manage Product” View down to category.  After hundreds of products are added it would seem this would get confusing if one could not narrow down by category while editing.  Am I missing something??

Thank you in advance for any help

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