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How do I simplify importing images in bulk? 
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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

im moving out of my old ecommerce system (built in 2001… jeez) to the wonderful magento.

when importing products from the old store into magento, I noticed that, at least in the sample data, the path in which images are placed goes like /s/a/samsung-mm-a900m-ace.jpg, where the folders are created according to the first and second letter of the product name.

my 1st question: could i put all images in one arbitrary folder, such as /old_store/product-name-here.jpg ? there isnt that many, so i dont think we will bump into system limits on number of items in a folder (if that is why they decided to make magento use it this way).

my 2nd question: am i able to import only the largest image then later run a utility to resize them to the smaller sizes?

thanks in advance!

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