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Bundle Quantity not updating with modified radio.phtml to show pictures
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Not sure if this should be a separate thread but here goes. I tried the solution given in this thread

and I am getting inconsistent results with the product quantities refreshing.

For example, I have a bundle with two products. When I first load the page and click a radio button for any product, the quantity stays zero. When I refresh the page, one of the products’ quantities may refresh. If I refresh again, they may both work.

If I revert to not having pictures of products, this problem does not seem to manifest so I’m thinking it’s part of loading the page and maybe not loading the script for updating the quantity and refreshing the page loads the script. I’m assuming the pictures take time to call and load. If this is true, does anyone know how to overcome this? Or, do you have other ideas what the problem might be and how to overcome it?

Oh, the other weird thing is, even though the quantities are not updated on the bundle screen, they are being recorded, meaning, if I add the bundle to the cart, the products I selected are included in the cart even though their quantity reads zero on the bundle screen.

Thank you,


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