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Undefined javascript variable in custom script (sorry the server hiccuped while I posted the first one, please remove if need be)
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I am adding a custom script to the page.xml layout file by using:

<action method="addJs"><script>my_dir/my_script.js</script></action>

Inside of my_script.js I have a variable which tries to get updated via a function, but it seems as though the variable is unknown to the function.

For something like this:

var someVar = ‘someVar’;
function foo() {
someVar = ‘someOtherVar’;

.. when a link on my page runs the function foo(), the alert box pops up and it says, “undefined”

Why is this happening, and how can I resolve this issue?  I noticed that if I just hardcode the usual <script language="JavaScript\" type="text/javascript\" src="my_dir/my_script.js"></script> into the head section of the page, then it works properly.  I’d like to just use Magento’s “addJs” protocol.

Thanks in advance.

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