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Translation of a field label added to the configuration of an other module
Jr. Member
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Hi Everyone,

I added a new field to the configuration of the group “Shopping Cart Display Settings” of th tab “Tax” in an own system.xml. This works fine, but now I want to add translations for this entry. I do not want to modify the Mage_Tax.csv files, but using an own file for translation.

First I thought, this must be simple by adding the “translate” and “module” keywords to the field definition, but it isn\’t.
I got the following error:
Warning: include(Mage\\Mymodule\\Helper\\Data.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in ...
Magento uses “Mage” instead of “Myname”. This problem can be solved by using /app/local/Mage/Mymodule/Helper/Data.php instead of
/app/local/Myname/Mymodule/Helper/Data.php. This is a workaround only. But where I have to write the translations to?

How can I do this in the right way?


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You must create a Helper file with just skeleton code as:

class Myname_Mymodule_Helper_Data extends Mage_Core_Helper_Abstract
File: app/code/local/Myname/Mymodule/Helper/Data.php

else you will get unable to find file or directory error.
This is because Magento uses Data helper for translation purpose which is defined by translate directive in system.xml

Or you can simply use locale based translate.csv with the following values:
“Mage_Tax::Text to translate goes here","Translated text goes here...”

Hope this gives you an idea!

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