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Is this even possible with Magento’s API? 
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We hired a Magento “expert” from Elance a few months back to integrate a third party’s API into our store. The developer had the documentation for the 3rd party’s API before he started work and quoted us a very reasonable $1000. Now after 3 months he is refunding our money because the extension would require us to manually update product attributes he created daily (if not hourly in some cases).

So here are my questions. Can Magento receive data from this other API, then create products in the store initially? After that can it check that the products are still available at certain intervals and disable/enable them as necessary?  Also, can it check that some of the attributes are up to date and update them in Magento on a schedule? If a new product is received from the other API, can it then add a new product?  I am not a programmer but this all seems possible just from looking at Magento’s API documentation.

If so, where does a small business like us, with a small budget, go to get this developed? I doubt I would use Elance again as that has been a nightmare.

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