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The best companies have loyalty programs. You CAN TOO!!!! 
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Did you know:

_ A 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability 75%?*
_ It costs 5 times more to market to a new customer than an existing one?

Mage World has 2 Inexpensive Magento Reward Point/Loyalty extensions to help you maintain loyalty and increase sales.

Reward Points Pro $249 and Reward Points Lite $169

For YOU**

A Very flexible Loyalty Extension allowing you to:

- Reward customers for purchases, referral purchases, reviews, birthdays, Facebook likes etc etc.
- Reward points based on category, brand, individual products, cart total and cart quantity
- Reward points as a fixed amount or percentage of product price.

For example you can reward points when customers:

+ Spend $500 and receive 300 Reward Points
+ Buy 3 items, receive an additional 500 Reward Points
+ Get 100 Reward Points for each referral sign up
+ Get 10 Reward Points for every dollar spent
+ Sign up for our newsletter or write a review and receive 50 Reward Points

You can also:

- Limit amount of reward points redeemed on purchase as a fixed amount, percentage of sale or only on specific products.
- Set expiration date for certain reward points.
- Upload your own reward point icon and link to your policy page
- Show message in shopping cart
- Manually add or subtract points from customer balance with space for notes.

For Your Customers

- Customers can review their balance/transaction history professionally
- Be notified automatically if their reward points are about to expire
- Be allowed to share their reward points with their friends
- Be rewarded for referral purchases, Facebook likes, reviews etc.

View more information at Product page or Live Demo

Checkout comparison between Reward Point Pro version and Reward Points Lite version here

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