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Import on variantes causes images on configurable products to switch
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2012-11-18


I have a weird problem on my site:

If you check there you see pictures on one of our models. Some of them are showing the back instead of the front.

When we create the configurableproduct and upload products we set that the front image is first, and sorted first with a 1 and then the back picture sorted no 2 and also any other picture.

- So lets say I have product A with two images, one front and one back.
- The front one has sort order 1 and back has no 2. The front one is set as base image,small image and thumbnail.
- I then go to import and try to import a csv (Dosent matter what type of import it is I have tried several different kinds)
- In this file I only have SKU;QTY and alot of variant numbers.
- These variant numbers are connected to these configurable products.

So problem is that it will then switch which image is first and selected as base image, small image and thumbnail. So that the back image is default instead.


So then I would have to go into all products manually and update every one of them, irritating!

Magento version: 1.7.02
I have several store views. The same product may have different values on each storeview, for instance name and description (language variants)

Hope someone can help me in the right direction.

Best Regards

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