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Rewrite rule
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2011-09-17

Hi there,

can someone tell me what should be written in .htaccess file to achieve:

http://localhost/magento/index.php/admin ->
or point me the link of similar theme.

I made host file line that is to, but now every link is going to localhost/(.*) instead*.) and I need to type it manualy in order to get it.

I tried to add

RewriteRule ^localhost/magento/index\.php/admin(*.) ^localhost\.com/magento/index\.php/admin$1
to .htaccess file but I am getting Internal server error with.
I am still learning apache configuration, so can you give me some advice or tell what is wrong I have done here?

Thanks in advance

edit: Sorry for placing theme in wrong section. Just saw it after whole morning of surfing.
I hope mod will be kind to move it to propper area. Or even just delete it. I’ll write new one.

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