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Page requested not found after clicking on See All Shirts
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Joined:  2009-03-16

Hi! All,

For the last 4 attempts of installing magento 1.30 on localhost and on a hosting server ends up on all the See All categories link or specifically See All laptops or shoes, etc. on Best Selling Products block.  I have tried editing the code on manage pages to point directly to my localhost
Ex. See all <a href="">Shirts</a> instead of its default code
Ex. See all <a href="{{store direct_url="apparel/shirts.html"}}">Shirts</a>

and still having the the page requested was not found.

And also I’m getting the same error when clicking any link product links for the best selling products.  I manage to fix this by checking their respective categories on manage product module on admin.

I am planning to change the best selling products on main page but how can i do so if the existing example is not working either.

Please help since I’m a non programmer.

Thank you so much,

Best regards


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