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Magento Theme Terminology and Structure Suggestion
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Firstly, Magento is without a doubt the best e-commerce solution available. 

Secondly, i am new to Magento and going through the WTF! phase - so it is probable that this will pass as i become more familiar with Magento.

So please take these two things into account as i offer the following feedback. 

I am finding it hard to get my head around the, to my mind, spurious use of terminology and structure in regards to ‘themes’ in Magento . 

There is a confusing logic in that when a ‘theme’ is referenced this means two folders that themselves contain an ‘interface’ and ‘theme’ folder, with one being called ‘skin’ and one also containing a ‘template’ folder. In common usage, the terms ‘interface’, ‘theme’, ‘skin’ and ‘template’ are generally understood to refer to the same thing which i think causes the confusion. 

Could theming not be controlled by the following, simpler and more concise, structural and naming convention:

-layout (xml that controls the structure)
locale (language used in structure)
phtml (content that fills the structure)
-css (css that styles the theme)
images (images used in the theme)
js (js used in the theme)

The benefits would be that when the term ‘theme’ was referenced it would refer to the container of a fully encapsulated ‘theme’ and not multiple possibilities. 

It would also satisfy the requirement that structure and style be separated for security reasons. 

Again, this is not meant as a criticism and as i am new to Magento there may be other factors i don’t know about which would make a simpler theming system not possible, but I think such changes would lower the barrier for designers and store owners and add to Magento’s popularity. 

Any ideas welcomed.


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