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search, sort by price and alike acting weird - partially solved
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a) I’m having some issues with the sort by price on all category / subcategory pages. Instead of sorting by price it sort by value (which option I disabled in the back end anyways). -

I checked the properties of price attribute - comparable in front end and use in layered navigation (no result) not checked. I changed that and it now works like a charm.

b) In simple search I type “bracelet” (I have like 20-30 in the inventory) and it showed up the listing but Filterable price result was only showing price range $70-80 which is not true because I have bracelets for $1000-2000, $4000-7000 and so on.

Fix same as above.

c) In advanced search I selected price range $1-100000 and it returned only 15 results (I have hundreds of items in the inventory).

Fix same as above. If problems above keep coming back, make sure to disable layered navigation cache and refresh it.

d) In the admin panel I went to manage categories, click on one of the top categories and I tried to change the default sorting (I selected “Use default config"). When I hit save button page refreshed itself but changes were not saved. All other properties of that category like description, meta tags get saved without problems. Weird.

Can somebody help me fix d) ? smile
This happens in 1.3.0

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