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Magento POS Integration
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We have successfully helped integrate numerous Magento web stores with POS systems over the past couple years. We hope that more of you that need this type of integration for yourself or your clients will consider nChannel. Here’s a bit more about how it works and how it helps integrate Magento with POS:

Using the nChannel connector for Magento you can quickly and easily integrate and connect Magento to a variety of POS, ERP and accounting systems. For existing Magento sites, once downloaded, our Magento connector starts copying your customer, item, sales and supplier data to the nChannel platform. Simply add additional connectors for the other channel systems you use to begin exchanging data between Magento and any other channel!

By connecting Magento to a point of sale system, you can easily syndicate items to nChannel, and merchandise them for Magento and all your other channels, eliminating redundant data entry procedures. nChannel can also push sales orders from Magento to your POS and help you keep inventory synchronized between the two.

You can read more here:

We’re here to help answer any questions you have on Magento POS Integration..




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