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magento url rewriting and categories
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I have do an url rewriting for the my magento application.
My application is an e-commerce with magento.
In particular i have a page where i can select two things: the brand and the gender, at the same time, in fact i have for each brand(that is a category) two links “male” and “female"(that are two child category of the brand).
i have two gender for each brand and i have many brands.

The problem is that for the url rewriting i use the name of the category for choose from the categories, but can exist two or twenty “male” categories.
The solution that i’m developing is to search the correct category basing on the precedent categories that I select in my navigation.
because there is a gucci/male, but there is also a svarowski/male but if i’m iterate from gucci,i selects the correct category(gucci/male).
Is a solution?
there is better?
may be best a [name category/numerical id] for select the category?


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