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Zones Manager Extension
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Joined:  2011-02-10

Zones Manager allows to set up and control different geo zones with their own prices, minimum order amounts, catalog price rules, allowed and default stores, currencies, payment methods, shipping methods, catalog categories and products. Also, it detects customer’s geo location by IP address or by browser provided coordinates and assigns him to the proper zone.

Features list:

• Set up zones by geography (countries / states / regions/ zip codes/ zip code ranges)
• Restrict a product by zone
• Restrict a zone by product categories / subcategories
• Restrict a zone by currencies
• Restrict a zone store views
• Restrict a zone by payment methods
• Restrict a zone by shipping methods
• Fixed prices per zone
• Tier prices per zone
• Special prices per zone
• Catalog price rules per zone
• Minimum order amount per zone
• Automated prices (price, special price, tier price) scope
• Build-in bulk price, special price and tier price importers
• Default redirect URL
• Default store view per zone
• Default currency per zone
• Default shipping method per zone
• Default payment method per zone
• Default catalog categories per zone
• Default products per zone
• Detect customer location by browser provided coordinates
• Detect customer’s location by IP address
• Apply default shipping address optionally
• Apply default location defined in settings
• Adjust customer location on checkout
• Allow a customer to modify a location (region / state, zip / postal code, city)
• Select address from address book
• Customize the Your Location box (define allowed and required address attributes)

Feel free to try out the online demos or request a free trial in order to take a closer look at all of the functions of the extension:

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