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Checkout Transaction failed due to SQL duplicate entry
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Houston ! I’m having a problem smile

When somebody is placing and order they click on “Place an order”, it displays “Transaction error”, order goes through, they get email (customer), I get email saying “Transaction error”:

1062 Duplicate entry ‘2-513’ for key 2

And in admin => orders when I open the order I see a bunch of duplicated entries that didn’t belong to that order (entries from the previous order) that got inserted into that order ---- WEIRD !!?!

Anybody knows how to fix this? This is the second time this happened to me: once on 1.2.1 and this time on 1.3.0

I had to put site down for maintenance sign because of this. Thanks for any help, suggestions,

See attached screenshot for a sample of what I see in my admin panel. Highlighted red areas are the correct items that were purchased, everything else is a weird stuff from previous orders that was pasted in. (I guess it’s related to the increment id issue).

I highlighted the order comments too because it didn’t belong to that specific order (also got pasted in from previous entry).

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