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If you have many shops do you need a filter collection
Yes, it would make management a kids game 1
I can see why and would like to have a filter collection 2
I can see why but would never use a filter collection 0
Please filter this poll as not wanted 1
Total Votes: 4
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Filter collection
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2007-09-06
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In the backoffice you can set filters. It can be rest but there is no option to save a filter to make a quick selection.
Could there be an function/button to manage filters.

There would be 3 buttons: “Manage Filters”, “Reset Filter”, “Search”

The Interface could look the same as orders or products table view, only now showing the optional filters with a selectionbox to preform actions on a single or on multiple filters (actions= search(same as button), delete) and view text button to edit the filter.

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