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10 Beginner questions about Magento
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Dear group,
Just started to look into Magento code.

My understanding is as follows

app\code\core\Mage (where all the module resides)
app\design (where all the front end design resides.)

2)magneto\app\Mage.php Line 27 to 29

where the path is defined portability

app\code\core\Mage\Core\functions.php Line 62

is the core function that loads all the modules

-->\community where Latest module upgrading from the Magento
-->\local where our own modules

5)php + html == phtml is the display when any module loaded. But I can never able to understand the php codes in the phtml. I have downloaded a sample skin for Magento, it has got full of php and html code. Any standard in doing it? If I get a design as a .psd. I want to convert that into an Magento template.How can I do that?

6)In OSC, the only open src code I know, has a dir called /admin. In that all the admin activities are defined with in the same dir and same file name. If I look at the url for the OSC I can understand that this file is getting displayed from this file. Not only for admin but in all case. I can locate a contact us page in OSC easley. But in Magento app\code\core\Mage\Admin and app\code\core\Mage\Admin\Adminhtml for the admin pannel?

7)I can see some .xml files. config has a .xml file. And lots more. Can any one tell me where this xml files are called in the code? And also what it does?

8) What are the design patterns used in Magento? I never used any design patterns. So, if I am able to know some design pattern then learning Magento is easy?

9)Why is Magento is very though to understand? This is a personal opinion but Magento is not like any php open source. Even the dir structure is completely different. What should I know if I want to learn Magento? 

10)Any e-book for Magento aimed at the coders? I have a book from php archit. Other than that?

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Hello You can find some stuff over here…

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