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Insights on columns of catalog_product_entity table
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Joined:  2008-02-04

Dear all,

I am trying some denormalization to quicken my search process and was examining the catalog_product_entity table columns and conjured the below meanings
entity_id - Identifier of the product
entity_type_id - Would this not always be the catalog/product?? Would this column store any other value
attribute_set_id - Attribute set attached to the product
parent_id - Not sure when this is used?
store_id - Observed that this always stores the ID=0 which is the default store. Tried adding a new
website, web store and store views and found this to store only the record for the default
website. Is this required at all??
type_id - Simple product or Configurable Product or Grouped Product
is_active - Enabled / Disabled

I am looking for more information on the “store_id” column.

Thanks in advance

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