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How to call product attribute value?
My situation is
1, product’s weight is calculate by formula (micosolution’s extension - custom math pricing) and the formula is written in one of product attribute where the attribute code is mico_cmp_weight.
2, I need to sum up the product’s weight of certain categories before getting the shipping rate

I have tried below code, all of them return weight value = 0

1, “fees”: “{table {sum product.mico_cmp_weight.value where array_match_any(, array(7,8,9,10))} in 1.0:20.70, 2.0:25.50, 3.0:31.50, 4.0:38.85, 50.0:135.00}”
2, “fees”: “{table {sum product.mico_cmp_weight
3, “fees”: “{table {sum product.attribute.mico_cmp_weight.value
4, “fees”: “{table {sum product.attribute.mico_cmp_weight
5, “fees”: “{table {sum product.cart.weight.value
6, “fees”: “{table {sum item.weight
7, “fees”: “{table {sum item.weight.mico_cmp_weight

I have tried below code, “Sorry, no quotes are available for this order at this time.” appear
1, “fees”: “{table {sum product.attribute.mico_cmp_weight.*.value
2, “fees”: “{table {sum product.mico_cmp_weight.*.value
3, “fees”: “{table {sum item.mico_cmp_weight.*.value

Hope someone can help

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