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eBay Alternative To M2E
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New to the forums and just joined because M2E not only was buggy and finally stopped working for our site once we updated, but it also erased all the templates and settings we had spent hours tweaking to our liking, and no longer even shows eBay as a marketplace to connect with somehow, so I’m really curious to see if anyone has any suggestions for an alternative extension that can be used with eBay that allows management of listings as easily (preferably even easier) as M2E did?

Also - not so much a related issue but something I felt making a separate thread for would be silly - if an xml file is imported with product information, and products that are currently on the site are not included in that file, will those current products be affected in any way?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi there,

If you are looking for some tool that allows you to connect to eBay, there is combination of products - Store Manager for Magento and its addon eBay Integration. Using those 2 tools you will be able to export your products to eBay, choosing auction type, price formulas, region, choose shipping, assign categories automatically and enter other auction settings. Not sure if this exactly what you are looking for, but in any case, there is free 2-weeks version of Store Manager and eBay addon is built in it in Demo mode. You can try out software downloading it here -

As for youe second question, it depends upon import method you are using. Generally, if no additional settings made, the products which are not in the file will not be affected. In case there are only new products, they will be uploaded and current products should remain unchanged.

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