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500 Internal Server Error after ‘Download’ Stage of Installation
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Hello and thank you all in advance for your help. 

I’m in the middle of migrating a Megento site from one host to another.  I’ve already done the database dump and packaged all my files.

I’m now attempting to re-install Magento via the Downloader method.  I made it successfully through the first 5 stages of that process, which are Welcome, Validation, Magento Connect Manager, Deployment and Download.  However, upon progressing to the License Agreement stage, I received a 500 Internal Server Error page.  I tried refreshing, but same result. 

So, I tried re-starting the Downloader process again, and when I get to the Download stage, I receive this message: “Magento has been downloaded earlier.”, and I’m offered the Continue button.  However, when I click Continue, again, I receive a 500 Error page.  Specifically, when I click Continue, the process is attempting to load http://www.mydomain//index.php—is it supposed to be loading the main index page?

Of course, I tried the entire process one more time, but I still received the same result—I’m being told Magento has already been installed, but every/any page I try to load, except for the downloader.php file, generates a 500 Error.  So, at the moment, my entire site is down. 

Eager for some help. Many thanks!

EDIT:  Here’s my PHP Infp:


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