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I have got my dashboard, products, categories and permissions/roles back after the upgrade to 1.3
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I have no idea how to explain this in technical terms so I’ll jot down what I did in the order I did it - based on info from this forum and some feedback in the chat room.

Upgraded Magento Connect and lost access to lots of things in the admin
Disabled cache via the admin panel
Deleted the contents of var/cache
Went back to Magento Connect
Tried to re-install each componant seperately and read the notes in the black box
Noticed that some directories needed their permissions changed - can’t remember which ones
Went back to the top of the list and repeated the process
Noticed that the Interface_Adminhtml_Default - was tring to upgrade from 1.2.1 but had detected instead - did nothing
Tried the other componants and found another directory for Mage_All_Latest that needed permissions - skin/frontend/default/default/css
Went back the the top of the list again and found that when I tried to reinstall they all said that they were already installed

Anyway, sorry about the rather basic terminology and complete lack of technical explanation but I do have the things back now and I hope this helps a little smile


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Thanks, this helped me get my dash and products working.

For safety I also reuploaded manually all the admin html files/folders in /app and /skin.

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