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How to re-install Magento Connect Manager? 
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using Magento

After installing Magento and editing products, categories, etc. I wanted to install some extensions now.

Now if I call the magento connect manager in admin area I receive a error messages from the provider:
The script mustn’t be writable for other users (world-writeable).

Some tutorials on how to install CGI-scripts misleadingly tell you to set the file permissions to chmod 777. However, this might lead to security impacts and for that reason our webserver checks for this misconfiguration and does not allow to execute such scripts. Instead, please set the file permissions of the script to chmod 755.

If you are using a file transfer tool (ftp) like FileZilla, you can easily change the attributes of a script by clicking on the filename of the script with the right mouse button, choosing File attributes… and setting the permissions to 755 according to the following screenshot:

On which file or folder points this message regarding magento connect manager usually?
Rest of admin area and frontend works proper…

Do you have a hint?

Thx in advance

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