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Why doesn’t this get___ call work? 
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Just curous about this one: we weren’t getting the auth code and avs status back from PayFlow, to I made some edits to /app/code/core/Mage/Paygate/Model/Payflow/Pro.php to pull in that data.  This is probably just my newness to MVC coding, but here goes.  The existing code is:


I added:


But it didn’t work.  After some var dumping, I changed it to directly call the result array like this:


...and it worked.  I didn’t see a function anywhere for getPnref(), it seems like it’s just getFieldname and something somewhere automagically figures out what you’re asking for.  Maybe I’m totally wrong there and there’s another association hiding somewhere.  So what am I missing that made my new getFoo() calls not actually get the data?

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