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Customizing page.xml, head.phtml and header.phtml
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-09-17

Hello. I’ve been lurking on the forums going on four months now, gleaning tips and suggestions from other posts on how to customize Magento. I’ve gotten a lot of info and tips by reviewing other peoples forum posts, but now I’m having a problem of my own and am hopeful someone can explain better what I am experiencing and what paths I should be going down to resolve it.

What I’ve done thus far:
Have loaded the Magento Blank Theme on my local sandbox.

What I’m trying to accomplish:
Starting with the Blank Theme, incorporate my own custom css and layout solution.

My plan:
I want to implement my own customized css/layout by working through each page as I go, swapping in my own custom header files and css file while maintaining the Blank Themes use of its css files and not breaking functionality of any other pages. I want to do it this way, because I may, or may not, keep the Blank Theme css file references to the account and order pipeline pages and customize those separately.

What I’ve done thus far:
I’ve modified page.xml as per this link (text file).
I’ve inserted a custom block for the home page (lines #84-135), referencing custom blocks for my custom head.phtml (line #87), header.phtml (line #111) and footer.phtml (line #129) template files.

My problem:
Everything appears to be working fine, with exception that the default page block (lines #34-82) are executing at the top of my page in the browser (see attached screen shot below). Here is a link to a text file that shows the source code for this page.

My question(s):
Why is my page pulling in the block setup for the default pages and my customized page at the same time? Is my plan and what I’ve done thus far flawed? Can I do what I’m wanting to do, or should I just forget about rolling in my customized css and template files on a page by page basis?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. TIA!

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