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iPhone mobile template - parent category template
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First time poster here.

I’m currently trying to customize the iPhone theme templates - within the standard install ( However, I need to further customize this theme.

After investigation, I found the home page template renders the unified markup as parent/ sub category listings. Using javascript to animate category level view.I also found due to the above, the ‘domain/toplevelcategoryname’ url is not required/ needed. After testing the url - ‘domain/toplevelcategoryname’. The template does not render correctly. (try it). Yet my default desktop url structure does.

If the above url is accessed.  The header/ footer doesn’t pull through the correct iphone header/footer. Yet the title of the specified category displays.

All other urls such as domain/category/subcategory and checkout/ product pages are accessible and rendering correctly.

Finally my question.

I would like to create a custom top level category listing template. If the url domain/toplevelcategoryname/ is executed the ‘toplevelcategoryname’ template should list child categories (sub categories) via ul li structure. If clicked, a product listing template will display.

Since the url domain/category isn’t rendering. I need to modify the layout/ template files to achieve the above. I’m estimating, to achieve the above, I must create and point a category template within the page.xml file? My concern is that by default isn’t rendering the domain/toplevelcategoryname/ url. 

Summary: Seems the iphone theme does not include category template. The product listings/ product detail use custom templates. Can I achieve this for top level/ child categories.

apologies, if not clear.

thanks for the patience.


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