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Catalog Price Rules do not apply to the Group Price set for a product - ver 1.7 BUG! 
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Hello Magento Devs,

I have an issue regarding Magento ver.

I have a group price set for a product with a corresponding customer group. Next, I have set a catalog price rule with the same corresponding customer group as the group price. The catalog price rule reduces the price by 10%.

According to the Magento User Guide v1.7 (p.218):

Important Note: When a group price is set for a product, then the catalog price rules for the corresponding customer groups are applied to the group price, not to the regular price.

Here is my problem, the catalog price rule IS NOT applied to the group price. It is being ignored completely, therefore only the group price appears with no discount.

I really need a Magento Developer to respond to this issue, because I am trying to find out if this is a bug within Magento, if this is a personal problem that I may have caused or if the User Guide needs to be re-written.

If anyone has had experience with this issue or an idea of a solution please respond!

Thank you,


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