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IWD One step checkout’s Place order not working anymore
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2013-02-03

I have a bad issue with One step checkout -extension. It used to work like charm but today I noticed that \"Place order\” -button won\’t place the order anymore. If some field is not filled correctly it gives an error, so validation works fine, but when everything is okay and order should be placed - nothing happens! I don\’t get any error message in Firebug\’s console.

I have modified the extension quite much so reinstallation sounds not so good. Anyway Placing an order worked correctly after last change I made into checkout. After that I\’ve developed site but not the checkout. So it was kinda surprise that placing an order won\’t work anymore.

How could I start localizing the problem? If some Magento expert is so kindly and wants to help me out I could give login details smile

Kindly Regards,


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