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Catalogue price rule (connection was reset)
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we use magento and we have cca 30000 products. We have 50 catalogue price rules (each rule examinate the same atribute but with different value). For ex. attribute color (rule 1 if color black...rule 2 if color white and so on). In this configuration when I click Apply rules it takes ages and at the end.....connection was reset (firefox). I tried in network.http.connection-timeout, network.http.connection-retry-timeout and network.http.keep-alive.timeout increase all values 10 times (add zero after the value). On htacces there is php_value memory_limit 256M and php_value max_execution_time 18000, nothing helped. Opera the same result (but page is loading longer but fails too).

Is there any solution for that??? Problem is that I need to apply rules after creating new or after updating one I guess. Cron is setup properly, I tested with one rule only without any problem. Rules has the same priority and set stop procesing another rules to No (I tried with YES too but with the same result).

Thank you for an answer

EDIT: I tried to find out if it is possible to run this action from shell not a browser but I did not find.

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