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Hazardous Materials Shipping, Drop Shipping and Paypal Payflow Pro
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1. Can anyone tell me how Magento handles the shipping of Hazardous Materials?  We have a few products that require those special shipping circumstances and reguire us to charge X $ more for domestic US Shipping and then Y $ for International.

Can Magento Handle this?

2.  Can anyone tell me which SDK Version the latest Magento Release is using for the Paypal Payflow Pro ( Formerly Versign) ?  is it using 4.3+?  If not, when will it be updated with that version?

3.  I also have a few products that need to be shipped from a different country. Does magento have the ability to be configured to handle this type of situation.  All of our products except a few are shipped from our location (USA), but a few need to drop shipped from Iceland.  So if the XYZ product, identified as drop shipped from Iceland was purchased and being sent to the USA.  International shipping charges would have to be calculated.

Can magento handle this?


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