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Order management question and sql questions in one, ya i know!!!! 
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Ok i know nothing about sql. I have an order management software that I had some sql php guy build for me back in the day. Ive been using it for my other cart. It pretty much cuts out the back end order management. I can use this to view new orders in real time and assign them to supplier. It gives me the order number, prodcutname/sku, customer name, number, ip address, email and customer notes.

If the order is pending it stays at the pending page. If paypal ipn sends a message back saying its paid, it automatically changes its status to confirmed and moves it to the confirmed page, and the same for refunded and shipped.

This way, i can see all paid orders, i can see which group they are in and if they are verified i know i can attach this to the supplier. The supplier has a separate login where he can view the order and mark it shipped.

This helps me greatly since im not sending a physical product, but a virtual currency in mmorpg games.

I want to use this for Magento, since its the best cart in the world.

Can someone answer this question for me.

I query my old database with names within tables. Now in magento database setup its not by names, its value_id’s within each table.

How in the world do i query a table like that...........

So far this is how i post variables.

Order_id is a row in the table order_id_etc..

$order_id = $_POST["order_id"];

I have been searching and I hope im not asking too much, but a little understanding of magento’s database would help allot.

Lastly. Anyone out there want to help me modify this software to work with magento? I will release the software to the public if people are interested.

There is nothing out there that fits my needs when it comes to order management. I have searched deligently.

Does anyone have an idea of any other way to keep this type of information organized for my business? Ive thought it out quite a bit and cant find anything.

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